We are glad to introduce to you our next generation classroom management software Radix Smart Classroom Management System.

We at Radix Smart Classroom Management System have gone one step further in smart classroom management. Rather than the conventional smart classrooms, we have a come up with product never used before, that will take the smart class room definition to a whole new level.

Our research and hard work in the last decade has helped us identify and solve the problem in smart classroom systems. We have worked rigorously in the field to identify the loop wholes and obstacles in the current smart class rooms. We have design our product to over-come such obstacles and make learning more innovative, interesting and fun.

Computers and tablets offer a unique learning opportunity, but without effective management they can easily become every teacher’s worst nightmare.

Radix’ streamlines computer and tablet classroom management, facilitating effective teacher monitoring and control of student activities. The Radix classroom management solution range transforms computers, laptops and tablets into interactive and exclusively featured student-centric learning environments: Empowering teachers to convey an enriched educational experience, with individual attention going to the students who really need it.

Since 2002, Radix has developed unique solutions that help schools to improve teaching and learning processes using 21st century technology. Radix SmartClass enables teachers to coordinate mobile classroom activities using students’ laptops and tablets (BYOD): Enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse, while keeping students on-task and ensuring they each receive the attention they need. Radix Netpoint Manager is a cloud-ready device management interface for network-wide visibility and control. This affordable, easy-to-use, robust system enables IT administrators and support engineers to centrally manage and control thousands of laptop and tablet computers, wherever they are.


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