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Significance Of Smart Class In India – Radix Smart Class – Next Generation Of Advanced Education

Education in today’s world is becoming very fast forward and modernized, everything runs in a planned system. Modernized Education is emerging out to be the best form of education, and one such example of modernized education is Smart class. Smart class is an advanced mode of education, making education easier and convenient.  Smart Class have emerged as one of the excellent mode of education and has become very much advantageous. That is why most of the people prefer to take up smart classes rather than taking normal tuition schooling. The upcoming power of smart classes has changed the normal mode of education to advanced mode drastically. In India, the mode of education is a normal schooling, which means not a big change. As other countries are, initiating modernized and fast forwardness in education system our India too needs to develop and come forward as other countries are doing. Students here should gain knowledge in a technical and advanced manner. Students should learn things in an efficient and advanced way in order to prosper in future. Moreover, in India, there is and there should be importance and greater involvement of smart class in education system. For that, good institutes should rise up who can provide excellent smart classes to the smart class seekers.

4Now the question comes where to take up smart classes, which one to choose as best? Therefore, here you go with the correct spot, Radix Smart Class. Radix Smart class’s excellence, proficiency, and efficiency make it different from other smart classes. Radix smart class provides a smart schooling that too in a very interesting and interactive way. Digital learning attained a new platform by Radix Smart class because of its excellent features and superior education. Radix smart classes have not only been successful in India but is growing and developing its root internationally. Radix Smart class provides a Classroom management software which the integral part of the Radix smart class which is pre loaded in super functional tablet. The software runs through wifi and installed in the classroom. The classroom management software is the key to access the smart classes and functions excellently and efficiently. Radix smart classes are so interactive that students never divert or lose attention from the topic they learn. Various excellent features of Radix smart classes makes it most preferable. Some amazing features are Screen Broadcast for better understanding, access to educational database of radix smart class, interactive lectures, teacher assistance whenever required, etc. Even if a student misses out a class lecture, he or she can go through the lectures without any problem. The tablet adds excellence in functioning to the overall package of radix smart classes. Radix smart classes provide its students an excellent understanding of the subjects being discussed.

Radix Smart class has brought up a new revolution of Smart class in an advanced way in India and still working to bring more success to it. Students learn thing in an advanced way through radix smart classes, which will help them to prosper in their future career. Radix smart class is continuously providing end-to-end package for next generation advanced education to shape the future of its student excellently.


Customization of education level as per the student’s level

Any classroom in any corner of the world will have students who have a varied level of understanding; some students may comprehend a lesson or topic faster than other students. As a result, many students lose interest in the lessons as some feel the teacher is going too slow, or vice versa. This is one of the most important reasons that the student enthusiasm and participation levels are going down. This also happened to be one of the greatest questions I was trying to solve. How do I find a way to teach my students as per their academic level or skill?

A friend from my college suggested that I look into teaching with the use of technology. I was a bit apprehensive, but I decided to do my research and found that there were many studies which showed that using tablets in the classroom was helping students learn in a better way. Students were more enthusiastic to use gadgets as compared to a normal textbook, and hence paid more attention and participated actively in the classroom. Also, each student could be given lessons and groups according to their proficiency in the particular subject which was impossible to do earlier. So I decided to look further into this, and thought of looking for a good classroom management software which could be integrated into the device so as to provide me better control over how the students used their tablets.

I found many great classroom management software with great features such as student device monitoring, remote locking, blanking screens, video broadcast, virtual white boards with interactive attributes, instant quiz (create, distribute and grade), student demonstration, file collection and distribution, etc. When I saw this, I realized that if I was able to implement this, it would be an ideal change. However, I had to look into the costing of taking on such a venture.

I soon found that some of the really good classroom management software are very affordable and total value for money. When I took this up to the school, they sounded very interested in the concept and at once started the process of acquiring devices and the software they deemed best.

Today it has been a year since I have been teaching my students using an advanced type of smartclass. It has not only enhanced my students’ performance, but also made the teaching process easier and more interesting. I have various media tools and apps at my disposal to teach various lessons in a more fun and interesting way that the students grasp with greater ease. I don’t spend hours creating and grading tests, I simply make it on the software which automatically grades the pop quizzes for me. I can collect assignments at the click of a button, and distribute handouts electronically within a second. I decide which lesson I want to share with which student, making the teaching process highly customized. All in all, my students and I have both profited from the use of great classroom management software.

Are you looking for the best Tablet Classroom Management Software?

Radix Smartclass introduces the 1st Android and Windows tablet classroom management software

We are delighted to introduce our next generation classroom management software: Radix SmartClass Management System.

RadixSmartclass.in Classroom Management System has taken a gigantic leap forward in the smart class field. We have designed unconventional and unprecedented software that will take smart class education to a whole new level.

Having worked scrupulously in the field of smart education, identifying the loop holes, gaps and obstacles in the available technology, we meticulously designed our product to over-come such shortfalls, and also making education a fun process.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are proving to be a great platform for smart education. However, the benefits of these devices can easily be overcome by the distractions they also provide if they can’t be monitored. Radix assists the teacher to effectively monitor and control their students’ activities.

tablet classroom management sofware

Radix has developed exceptional learning solutions that aid schools to enhance teaching and learning processes using new age technology. Radix SmartClass facilitates a classroom’s learning experience and helps the teacher keep a finger on the classroom pulse, and hence keeping students focused. The teacher can limit, stop or open access of web-pages and media to students at a single touch. The teacher can also blank the students’ screens for additional attention and control their devices remotely.

Radix SmartClass has some wonderful features which make education more interesting and simple, while ensuring that the student grasps the concepts at a deeper level. Apart from enabling the teacher to control the classroom and keeping the students focused on the right track, Radix is a great tool to use multi-media lessons in. This helps the teachers to increase not only student enthusiasm, learning and participation, but also their grades.

Features of Radix Smartclass:

  • Support Mixed-Classroom operating environment
  • Screen Broadcast
  • Lock student’s tablet for attention
  • Video Broadcast
  • Remote Control
  • Student demonstration
  • Hand Raise
  • Interactive Collaborative White board
  • Chat
  • Pop Quiz
  • File collection/ distribution

We welcome you to learn more about our software, and take your classroom environment, teaching techniques and bring your school’s education technology to the next level.

We invite you to download Radix SmartClass classroom management software for android,window (or mixed device) classroom and give it a try.